I'll be updating this list over time, if I'm mising a supplier please email the link via the contact us form and I'll update it asap.


Multi-Supply Sellers

Rack and Pinion // Square linear rails (Hiwin)
www.tea.net.au *AU

CNC Spindles & VFD - Teknomotor / Delta
www.damencnc.com *NL

>> Ebay is also a good source of cheap chinese spindles and VFD's, they're not as good as the teknomotor spindles, but are much more affordable.

Aluminium Extrusion
www.modularcomponents.com.au *AU
www.8020.com.au *AU
www.maytec.com.au *AU
www.amesystem.com.au *AU
www.linearbearings.com.au *AU
www.profileautomation.com.au *AU They also sell pneumatics
www.aluminiumprofile.com.au *AU

>> Personal favorites are Modular Components for high quality ITEM branded extrusion and precision cut, and ProfileAutomation for cheap but good quality extrusion.

Mill, Lathe + Misc Spare Parts
www.littlemachineshop.com *US

DC Motors
www.motiondynamics.com.au *AU

www.actionaluminium.com.au *AU
www.calm-aluminium.com.au *AU (Minto, NSW)

>> Calm Aluminium is my go to Aluminium Supplier, they seem to be one of few who stock excellent grades of Aluminium for machining, 6061-T651 & 5083 ATP-5.